Strout & Sons proudly presents Rocket Plume!

Pilot your rocket to greatness and glory!

In this unique cave flyer for iPhone and iPad, you control a rocket flying ever deeper into a dense asteroid field. But your proton fusion exhaust plume will chew through any rock it touches, enabling you to make your own shortcuts!

Along the way, gather fuel to keep flying, as well as coins to buy upgrades, such as a second chance after a crash, or a spin on the prize wheel.

Rocket Plume is simple to play, but difficult to master. It features three control scheme options to suit any player, and a unique cave every day, giving you a chance to hone your skills with fresh challenges. Rocket Plume is a quick game, perfect for those few minutes of downtime throughout your day.

How to Play

First, get the game in the App Store.

Then start flying! Your goal is to fly as high as possible, so aim up and avoid touching the rocks or sides of the screen.

Along the way, gather fuel canisters to replenish your rocket, and collect coins which you can use to resume after a crash, or to take a spin on the Prize Wheel.

About Rocket Plume

This is the second iOS game by Strout & Sons, a father-and-sons team based in the American southwest. Rocket Plume was written mostly over the summer break, with both young'uns making substantial contributions to the code and artwork. Thank you for supporting us!

Fast Rocket Action! Blast Through Solid Rock! How High Can You Fly? Choose Your Plume... And Your Control Scheme!

Contact Us

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