Welcome to Strout & Sons!

We are a father-and-sons team building iOS apps for your amusement. Our latest app, Rocket Plume, is available in the iOS App Store. Get it now, or read more about it.


Feb 6 2017 — Our second iOS game, Rocket Plume, is now available! We worked hard all summer on this one, and then it took half the school year to do all the finishing touches, but we're very proud of the result. It's a unique game and lots of fun to play. Please check it out!

Dec 1 2016 — Our first game, Retro Robots, turned out to be not so easy to update for the latest versions of iOS, and so it's been removed from the store. We would pretty much need to rewrite it from scratch. That's not out of the question, though, so if you want it, please let us know!

Sept 5 2014 — We've been working hard all summer on High Frontier, a simulation game about settling the solar system! Already you can design your own unique colony in some detail, build it, and then watch as it fills with happy residents (or not, depending on the quality of your design!). Rather than posting a lot of news here, we're going to be blogging about it at HighFrontierBlog.com. Check it out!

June 21 2013 — Retro gamer Stephanie McKeon has posted a video review of Retro Robots as the first in her "Coin Drop" series. We found the review to be fair, though since it was their first time playing, there are many features they didn't discover. (We tried shouting "Shoot Botto! Shoot him now!!" at the screen, but apparently they couldn't hear us.)

Kids Want Retro Robots

“One at a time, kids! There's plenty of Rocket Plume for everybody!”